Monday, June 24, 2013

The Kingsroad: a House Cook Gathering

The adventure began with Julianne's flight down to the land of Texas. Surprisingly, going from the bustle and crampedness of the East Coast to the blank and practically lifeless plains of Texas was very relaxing for her as she joined Sarah-Lambert. Their travels took them around to touristy hot spots, such as the Alamo which must've been rather interesting for Julianne to see since she's grown up with only seeing our brother's plastic version of the mission and sun-melted figurines. And after about a week, they drove up to a very, very small town in central Kansas so Julianne could visit her best friend, who might actually be an honorary sister now...

Flashing back over to Atlanta, Katy-Lynn prepared to work a tournament with our mother while Anna-Lara stayed burrowed under her massive comforter while she inscribed new scrolls for the House Cook library. And so, Katy-Lynn departed and Anna-Lara secretly made plans with Julianne and Sarah-Lambert to force Katy-Lynn to Take Up the Black on her 18th day of birth in the following week.

Sarah-Lambert and Julianne quickly finished their ride to Atlanta. Stopping to empty their screaming bladders, which unfortunately kept them from taking any pictures of The Thinker (a famous sculpture that almost looks more constipated than Lincoln on the new U.S. pennies). Later, they explored the replica of the Parthenon in Nashville, and saw the outside of Mammoth Caves in Kentucky (but didn't actually go in because Julianne spent two hours brushing her long, flowing, chestnut locks and tour tickets were sold out before they arrived).

After one night's rest at home, Sarah-Lambert, Anna-Lara, and Julianne rode gallantly up to the tournament where they caught Katy-Lynn by surprise and made her unknowingly Take Up the Black while they waited to be served their ale and bangers and mash. In all her frustration, Katy-Lynn may or may not have broken a few of our kitchen utensils which has kept us from presenting you with any food porn today.

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