Thursday, July 25, 2013

Flamingo Incognito: Colorful Dragons to Decorate Your Lawn

Thanks to the wonderful world of Pinterest, I recently found some awesome pieces to decorate a lawn. We've all seen the pink flamingos sometimes (why the crazy those were invented, I'll never know) and some of the more clever/creative ways to decorate them, but this new artist takes flamingo alteration to a new level. 

Copper Dragon Flamingo Incognito
Artist Kate Higgins of CedarMoon Studio has been turning flamingos into camouflaged characters for a little while now. Her unique Etsy shop is filled with some of the zaniest, colorful lawn creations I've ever wanted to stick all over a yard to bother the suburban neighbors. They are fantastic! 

Smoke Dragon Flamingo
Although we like all of the Incognito Flamingos, the dragons are our favorites here at House Cook (naturally). 

Deep Purple Dragon Flamingo
Check out all of CedarMoon Studio's flamingos on Etsy, and follow them on Facebook for a dose of creative awesome everyday. 


  1. Wow, Sarah, Thank you for the blog post and the glowing words! I just Googled Flamingo Incognito to see where it landed on Google and was surprised to see it filled the first page. So I scrolled down and found your blog.
    So far this has been an adventure and the most fun I have had "working". The dragons thank you too, Kate

    1. Huzzah for making headways in the Google! :D We LOVE your flamingos. Keep rocking on, please!

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