Thursday, July 11, 2013

King in the North "Game of Thrones" Mug

Recently, while browsing the pages of Etsy for weird, fun, and awesome handmade "Game of Thrones" things, I stumbled across a mug I really liked. A funny fact about we sisters of House Cook is that we seem to practically collect mugs. Maybe it's all of the tea and coffee we drink, or maybe it's because hot chocolate is the bestest, or possibly it's because the Disney store has so many cute ones available--who knows.

Arya Stark illustrated mug by sketch123

As soon as I saw this mug, I was smitten. The cup isn't anything out of the ordinary, just a normal coffee mug with a standard shape, but it's adorned with a pair of excellent illustrations featuring Arya Stark and Robb Stark, the King in the North.

King in the North "Game of Thrones" mug by sketch123

The illustrations are so fun! I love the blood splatters and the addition of the dire wolves. Perfect for any children of House Stark.

The Etsy seller, Christine of sketch123, has several other fun "Game of Thrones" inspired illustrations and products. I enjoy her take on the characters and the clever way they're presented.

We've been finding a lot of fun "Game of Thrones" themed things lately. Maybe it's because we're looking for them... but I like to think that they are finding us (haha, no I don't! That's nonsense. The Google has been a big help). Since there are so many cool things out there we'll be showing you more as time goes by!

Got a fun fantasy or "Game of Thrones" product, artwork, or craft you think we'd like? Drop us a line through our Facebook Page. 

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