Saturday, April 12, 2014

Toasting Joffrey's Wedding with Blood Orange Mimosas

Happy day! Callooh! Callay! It looks like King Joffrey is getting married soon. And since we…love?…him so much that we have decided it’s time for a toast from North of the Wall in his honor. 

You may recall from our last North of the Wall post that the oldest one of us is now living in Germany. Since the rest of us have been nice and warm in Atlanta (relatively... Yes, Starks, winter came to the south), we let our oldest in the not-so-frozen north of Germany warm us up with some tasty drinks. 

For our toast today we’ve decided to settle on Prosecco, the Italian version of Champagne which is just a little sweeter than its French cousin. 

But just pouring out a glass of Champagne and toasting with you all would be pretty boring, so let’s make mimosas instead. 

Remembering the Red Wedding and with a nod towards the future, we’re changing up our fruit a little and using blood oranges for our mimosas. 

Blood oranges are a bit different than the typical orange. With a distinctive red coloring to their pulp, these oranges are a bit smaller than navel ones and also a little sweeter. 

Blood Orange Mimosa Recipe:

2 parts blood orange juice 
1 part prosecco

If you prefer to use champagne or another sparkling wine, that's fine too. 

Let's raise our glasses this week, shall we? 


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